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We strive to increase the awareness of professionals, with a vision to improve traditional stereotypes around the law profession.

We promote the legitimacy, kindness and dignity of the legal profession, supporting early career professionals to advance in their work and life. Avoteca is looking to empower well-trained lawyers, who want adopt the best practice by offering an alternative to contracting legal services.

Striving to change the way people access, communicate and search for legal professionals, we are redefining better lawyer-client relationships that are built upon trust and integrity.

Within our company, we strive to bring our colleagues a great work-life balance, supporting them to develop professionally whilst putting emphasis in personal growth and wellness.

We wish for our clients to find value in our work, and for our partners to share our vision/ passion to advance the legal profession.

Meet the team!


Lawyer & Co-founder

Ana-Maria developed a strong background in international private law and contracts while working both at a top-tier med-size Romanian law firm and as an independent law practitioner registered in the Bucharest Bar Association. She is also certified in Entrepreneurship by MIT.

After graduating her bachelor law degree from the University of Bucharest, Ana-Maria obtained an LL.M in International contracts and Arbitration at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and underwent a research year with the Foundation of Science and Technology scholarship at the Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal.

From 2020, Ana-Maria is the Ambassador for Romania at the European Legal Tech Association, bringing together the legal tech community in the Romanian ecosystem. Additionally, she is passionate about digital marketing and content writing.

Find her on  LinkedIn.


Software Engineer & Co-founder

Gautier is our Software Engineer. Graduated at the UTBM in France in 2014, he spent most of his internships and work abroad, from England to Romania passing by Switzerland and Portugal.

He is a dedicated team member and what he likes the most is trying to find the best solution for his collaborators and clients.

Outside of work, Gautier is a Table tennis player and he is always ready for challenges. He loves to spending time with his family and friends., He is also a fan of mangas and could spend hours talking about wines and Champagnes.

Find him on LinkedIn.


Marketing & Communication Specialist

Monica is our enthusiastic, cheerful and optimistic marketing specialist, and she joined our team in September 2020.

Over the past 14 years, she has contributed as a marketer and as a communicator to non-governmental organisations, local media (radio host and newspaper editor), public institutions, SMEs and private companies.
She is passionate about learning, social media and online communities, and she's also an organising freak.

Monica loves to listen to music, binging series and doing yoga. From time to time, she runs - although most of her running moments are to support noble causes, such as Movember.

Passionate about personal development and positive thinking, she believes that we can do whatever we set our mind to do.

Find her on LinkedIn.


Infrastructure/DevOps Engineer

Geoffrey is our DevOps Engineer. Graduated in Computer Science at the ESIPE in Paris (France) in 2015, while doing an apprenticeship at Orange Business Services as Network Engineer. Geoffrey is now based in London where he has worked with multiple Start Ups (e.g. Onfido, DriveTribe and Fluidly).

He is a highly productive engineer with experience and passion and is always looking for best practise. Geoffrey lives by the DevOps Culture/Principles and so he likes to spend time pairing with developers and empowering them so they don't feel blocked by the Infrastructure.

During his free time, Geoffrey likes to socialise and spend time with his friends from whom he gets his energy. He also enjoys cooking and DIY activities as well as discussing about economics, investments and businesses.

Find him on LinkedIn.

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