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Community Guidelines

Avoteca Lawyers Guidelines

  1. Avoteca represents a modern space for providing legal services, where lawyers support freelancers, startups and digital businesses to thrive, using their unique competencies.

  2. Lawyers from Avoteca respect their clients and strive to provide them with the best legal advice or strategy with the information they have at hand.

  3. Lawyers from Avoteca don’t stop at the information given by the client. Still, they are proactive and try to learn as much as possible about the problem to present the most accurate legal solution.

  4. Lawyers from Avoteca keep their word and do not cancel their meetings with their clients. In case of personal or professional emergency, they announce their clients about it as fast as possible. Personal and professional emergencies don’t happen every day.

  5. Lawyers from Avoteca are, before all, people and are empathic.

  6. Lawyers from Avoteca know about how businesses are running and do not stop at legal experience but are in a continuous learning process.

  7. Lawyers from Avoteca respect the work of others, lawyers or not.

  8. Lawyers from Avoteca undertake that will answer a request for information in a maximum of 48 hours, with more details or denial of availability.

  9. Lawyers from Avoteca are trustworthy persons, open to novelty and technology, transparent in their work.

  10. Lawyers from Avoteca keep their clients updated about their request, collaborate with their clients, have patience, and do everything for their client’s good.

  11. Lawyers from Avoteca are legal professionals, do everything always for their clients but will not accept rudeness, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, or any kind of inappropriate and offensive language or behaviour.

Avoteca Users Guidelines

  1. Be respectful, give as many details as possible to your lawyer and answer his questions truthfully.

  2. Collaborate with your lawyer to solve your issue and keep your relationship professional at all times.

  3. Contact a lawyer only when you know you are ready to pay for legal services. If you don’t know exactly how much, don’t worry, there is no problem at all. But at least to be prepared to pay for it. You are paid for your job, so why lawyers shouldn’t be?

  4. Lawyers are not on Avoteca to give free legal advice, nor as participants to a forum. Their consultancy and advice cost money but fewer than big corporations and law firms.

  5. Please select the Pro bono Lawyer option from the lawyers’ list and contact only the professionals that appear there for free legal advice. Otherwise, most probable, you will not have an answer.

  6. If a lawyer replied to you, be polite and respond to them within 48 hours if you are interested in their services. Yes, send an email even when you do not want to contract with them.

  7. Make an appointment only if you know you can make it.

  8. Take responsibility if you do no show up at a meeting; keep the lawyer updated at the latest 48 hours in advance. The lawyer might keep the retainer you paid.

  9. Do not write in capital letters - it feels like screaming, and it doesn’t help the lawyer in any way. Also, the net etiquette qualifies it as being rude.

  10. If 48h passed since you’ve submitted your request, and no lawyer hasn’t contacted you, reach out to our team to look into it.

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