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Avoteca supports you to overcome legal problems and connects you with verified lawyers.

View reviews

View reviews

View previous client’s recommendations! No more blind choosing!

Specialist help

Specialist help

Contact only specialised legal professionals for your problem!

Confidentiality guarenteed

Confidentiality guarenteed

Contact a legal professional safely and discreetly, providing you higher privacy. No more asking your friends or neighbours!

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Be sure to contact only legally registered lawyers! We undergo verification to make sure that all legal professionals are all legally registered lawyers in the Bar Associations appertaining to the National Union of the Romanian Bars.

Easy navigation

Easy navigation

Find, choose and filter specific legal professionals in one place.

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Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines must be followed by anyone who searches for a lawyer on our platform.

Read the guidelines here

About Avoteca

We strive to increase the awareness of professionals, with a vision to improve traditional stereotypes around the law profession.

We promote the legitimacy, kindness and dignity of the legal profession, supporting early career professionals to advance in their work and life.

Avoteca is looking to empower well-trained lawyers, who want adopt the best practice by offering an alternative to contracting legal services.

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